Alpha 12 Experimental Phase I

Dear HWS Community,

after… more than 5 months, Alpha 12 is starting in Experimental phase. That means you have to select this specific “test” version in your Steam Library to be able to pre test the upcoming big Alpha 12 patch.

Alpha 12 is, hands down, the biggest patch for Empyrion since the release 2015, as far as I could observe. Maybe it does not contain your most desired feature but overall, it is a game changer .

I’m not even talking about the Galaxy and the thousands of Stars. For me it’s honestly the Dialogue system. It is similar to the PDA in terms of how to create it and requires massive time investment, but be sure, that will be my next favorite thing to do. But all those HWS 12 content Teaser are coming later.

For now, I really ask you to login to the " Eleon Studios - Experimental Branch Test Server " and test like crazy! The more you test, the better Alpha 12 will be for everyone!

Additionally an upcoming Announcement: HWS will host a 3rd Server ! It will be a Creative / Freedom Server , where everyone can freely build with their friends, respecting all of our HWS Configs. You don’t need to pay for servers and don’t ask me for HWS Config anymore.
This server will most likely also host the Alpha 12 EXP version, once it’s available for everyone.


So what you are really saying, is I can ask for the config?

: )