Alpha EXP 10.6: CPU, Flight model, HV>SV docking

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Most of you will have heard already about the features that are coming in Alpha 10.6, like the CPU, the new Flight Model, HV-to-SV docking and more.

Without further ado, some important general info on the CPU system and their use in the Experimental version.

The primary goal of adding the CPU system was to add a way to allow some basic specialization and an additional way to balance vessels in regards of thrust, RCS, weaponry and...

Alpha EXP 10.6: CPU, Flight model, HV>SV docking

Is it safe to assume that we are doing a full wipe with 10.6? Seems a lot of changes to implement would invalidate the majority of current structures and vessels anyways.

Or put wings on every sv :smirk::crazy_face:

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Its not the same…

Neither safe nor required mate.
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