Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to start the Experimental phase for our upcoming major update. Alpha 10 will feature more than 100 new building block shapes, shields for vessels and bases, a highly improved (and speed up) drilling gameplay, an improved base attack mode, a new tabbed chat for multiplayer and a huge amount of bug fixes, gameplay refinements and other changes!

While many of the changes and improvements are pretty straightforward, the new base attack in Alpha 10…



Been playing A10 for a bit and theres some awesome changes coming…
No more cruising through planets with auto brake off XD and if Mass Volume n Weight is active - YA All gonna be playing different (assuming they tweek or have a way of picking up 60tn/800volume of Adv constructor differently) Yes thats right - if you full your ship up with stuff your not getting into space, even going into a POI youll have to think and plan due to what you can carry and hall out… never lone trying to build something with heavy blocks and items. However, as long as you dont upset the Factions you wont get attacked - But then thats going to be hard due to… and then theres the odd… So early game play nice or youll loose ya base and everything. you cant just get a drill any more either [ Tip: friend the right Faction and trade for an old drill if they have one then upgrade it :wink: ] you start using your suit tool which can drill as well - just not very quick and the harder the oar the longer it will take now, Quite a few new variations added, including Shielding with upgrades .
BUT! in case your wondering: the Big ones - You still cant walk around on ships while moving, No Ladders, No Crouch or going prone or get through single blocks (would be great for service ducts on bases n ships or hatched mini bunkers and escape pods) still cant Dock a Sml hv to a SV, Tow or Tracktorbeam, Join/Dock a sml version of same vehicle type, use grenades or throw in stealth and Submarines or mechs n torpedo’s, Wheeled or Tracked vehicles, look like their def out… However: they Have turned down the speed of ships Again, “Really” yea - think scooter speed… In all you may have to play diff and changes are apparent - it seems really Good in all but be ready for alot of optimising fixing and adjusting. NB: Tip - you can see how much ya Ticking the Zirax of by looking in your bases stats screen :wink:

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NB: A quick note on " Volume and Logistics" if you dont know about the mass/wieght/volume/space when active in Empyrion, heres a link that will explain how to transfer and use items that are to heavy and the in’s n out’s of things… (if your in a POI and want to take everything or Install the big heavy objects then watch them all)

[not my kink - vids by Spanj and Dycart]

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