Alpha Experimental 3.4.0 (Build 592)

Will this require a wipe ?

Hey everyone,

We just released the new experimental version Alpha 3.4. In this version, we switched the game engine to Unity 5.4. We also improved the docking behavior - please note that you have to use the landing gears as intended (i.e., the flat area to the bottom).


Changes / Improvements:

  • Switched game engine to Unity 5.4
  • Improved spawn-to-surface if player or player-in-vessel falls through the ground
  • Added security check for playfield transfers as an interim measure to reduce vessel loss
  • Docking now possible in all directions
  • Single and double landing gears (SV) are now placeable also on top and side of SV
  • Heavy landing gear (previously only CV) can now also be placed on SV.
  • Re-balanced HP on landinggears
  • Added animal bones as deco on some planets (for now: Akua and Omicron)
  • Not showing ‘No build’ icon in SP nearby ore deposits any more
  • Tweaked emissive of cockpits SV: screens are now black without power
  • Default color of cockpits SV is now grey (instead of blue)
  • Added new Alien Desert Plant
  • Change NEW GAME default difficulty to EASY instead of MEDIUM
  • Change dedicated.yaml DECAYTIME 0 to OFF instead of instant
  • Change Shadow Setting: De-activate light shadows in “Medium” setting
  • Added info to dedicated yaml that some difficulty changes only take effect for a NEW game
  • Tweaked particles when drilling (reduced particle count and size of stone particles)
  • Tweaked drill particle effect (improved texture of stones that drop)
  • Removed glass from RCS block
  • Changed Minimum FPS to 25
  • Enabled VSync to allow multiple values
  • Set Video Options to use Negative Progression (Low->Medium->High instead of High->Medium->Low)
  • Added new Starter BA Tier 1 (thanks to Haroden). Added new starter BA Tier 4 (thanks to Haroden). Old Tier 4 is now Tier 5 Base
  • Added new Starter SV Tier 3 (thanks to Vexray and gahro_nahvah) Added new Starter SV Tier 5 (thanks to Vexray)
  • Added Starter HV Tier 2 (Thanks to |ANIMA|_|ULTRIX|) Added Starter HV Tier 3 (Thanks to Tina_Pedersen)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Player gets teleported back to surface withoug being submerged under terrain
  • Fixed: Backpacks falling through the world if player is too high up in the air or dying in a moving vessel
  • Fixed: Vessels are not docked when resuming a game for a couple of seconds
  • Fixed: Turrets on Public structures (CV, BA) do not attack
  • Fixed: Leaving a faction makes the Motorbike unusable
  • Fixed: Strong FPS drop when mining / mining Meteorites
  • Fixed: Tree trunc LOD culling extremely immersion breaking on Fast
  • Fixed: Clipping of RCS block
  • Fixed: Savegame names becoming too long, leads to issues with saving / loading savegames
  • Fixed: Placing an O2, H2 or O2/H2 generator no longer relocates the Survival Constructor map icon
  • Fixed problem that explosion splash damage was not considered in MP (e.g. you could not destroy a block with rocket launcher in MP)
  • Fixed: Switching Options with RMB does not unlock the APPLY button - Disabled RMB Activation for Menu Buttons
  • Fixed: Prevent Drones/Players glitching into Building Blocks
  • Partially fixed: Sound clicks and cracks when turning vessels (Thrusters)
  • Fixed: Graphic settings: Shadow Quality & Sky Reflections Quality do not save (Visual issue only)
  • Fixed: VSync does not work with BEST and FAST without manual action
  • Fixed: Change Vsync on/off into a setting with different values
  • Small fix for animator settings on doors
  • Fixed error linked to dynamic collider (reported on support email)

Not an expert by any means but doesn’t look like anything related to stored data etc has been changed unless the Unity change has some effect on data structures. Looks like there’s some nice fixes in there but I’d really rather have working PvP than some new deco bones :frowning:

Phew they finally fixed the FPS drop with mining it looks like :smiley:

This is quite huge But Have to see in reality…

No otherwise we would Have announced it. The next wipe should be with patch 4.0

We have a fairy tale here, quite famous one. Its about cat and dog making a cake. Both of them throw in what they liked. Everything they liked. No system, no coordination, no vision how cake should look like, taste like. No cooking skills.

Everytime I see Empyrion this fairy tale comes to my mind…im not sure why.

After eating the cake they had serious stomach ache.

Lol Elfias :smiley: seems true, luckily we had the survey to give them the right direction…or not :stuck_out_tongue:

So the cake is not a lie?

Will upgrading to the new unity engine show a significant graphic difference?

Who knows?

Are you sure it’s not because dogs and cats don’t know how to bake?