Always ported out into space

I’m on the eu server and can not get into the pve zones after a reset I was teleported into space and can not leave no matter how many times I die or rebuild.
my english is not so good
lg 0815 Alex
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If you did a cb:reset then that will not clear out tour guilty status.

have already made the command cb: reset after the tuterial port on planet a bar seconds danch port in space then another port to tuterial in space 15 kilometers from statzion

I am currently in the game at the place where it portiert me always

Hello and welcome @0815alex
As @Shojis said: you were guilty and the tool tried to teleport you out from there without success (guilty flagged players can’t access PvE playfields)

I warped to the Clone Colony and removed the guilty flag for now.

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