AM:BC wiped again :(

Again was getting close to the 9k and this morning checked back to 375

I am positive i did not pull all my bc again but i guess somehow i did.

Can there be some kind of check so we don’t lose everything, Might it be possible to get it filled :slight_smile:


Sorry Raven :expressionless: Thanks to you I found a bug in the AM:Get request. It was one of the oldest requests we build and therefore did not consider space in your backpack yet. fixed it now and gave you some more back.
Sorry for that.

Tool will be updated in 10 minutes

But you should know that you cant put 6500 BC in your backpack. So why do you set that high of a amount when you say get?
25.12.2016 05:40:58 Sex TheRaven am:get:bc:6500:200

It was a mistake i wanted 200 but used the copy command and forgot to remove the previous number.

Thank you wizard of the land