AM have bug

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What happened: I fueled up with one core my iron AM, it never fueled up. It allways show zero. Though it consumes it right away, but no, its not gaining the iron. That fueling is made 16:46 in my log. It aint page refresh either, i made changes that i can see after that, and i have refreshed page. I have had that problem sometimes earlier too, it just take core but never fuel it up, happens sometimes when uses only 1 core to fuel some AM. I wanted to be 100% sure that this bug exits before i post, and i can say thats definetely there
Player(s) with issue: Niewitch
Server: HWS EU at the moment :slight_smile:
Time (cb:time): 16:46 to present, but happened also before
Playfield: Cryo F1 ( but should not matter with this )
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): HWS AM fearure bug
How can we help you now: Well mostly want to inform confirmed bug on AM

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Hello @Niewitch and thanks for creating this topic but if you look over it and try to think from our perspective… we don’t have a single clue what this is about, what happened and how we can help you at all.

As soon as you help us here, we can help you :+1:

sorry, mistakely posted before i could write allmost anything at all, so i have to edit, to get you all the details, but now should have all, I give more info if needed

now edited

Thanks. I will check it

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I just checked the Autominer and can’t find any problem.
Maybe we can do it together next time, or make a screenshot of before/the command/ and after.
That way I can check all stages myself.

I made some checkings myself, it did gain it much later in next day, somehow even if there was half day between the fueling and when i reported the problem and more the night between it when i did see the gained add, connect did not show this gain, it did show it others i fueled. Odd it did not refresh that iron gain only, as it should gain it every hour some, but did show gains in others i fueled. Might be some refresh issue with connect on that one detailed information and not AM feature itself, is that even possible dont know. If i can have that one information not refresh but others do again, i take some detailed sceenshots to pinpoint the odd behave of it. Alltough if its only that kind of problem and still it gains into backround but information just aint refresh or it ads it much later, is not really big deal. Did not calculate thou did it add correct amount of information between fueling time and time it decided to refresh that one information in connect. Does this make any sense at all ? :smiley:

bytheway thanks so spectacular job with HWS stunning features