An Order Function on OCD Feature

I know you guys are always busy, but would it be possible at all on HWS Connect in the OCD to be able to have the ability to move items up or down in the list so that we can keep our OCD nice and tidy?

e.g. I Have iron in slot 4 Been able to select iron and have a button to move up or down in the list so if I move it up to slot 3 what ever is in slot 3 will then move to slot 4 and iron will now be in slot 3

its just a pain having to draw the item out and put them back in


I was thinking of something similar when i was thinking about the chatbot, how about the following?


As above, move an item from one slot to another for housekeeping purposes. Error if destination slot is occupied or from slot is empty.


Swap two slots around.


Modified PUT:ALL - just put from hand slots into OCD (equivalent to typing ocd:put:1, ocd:put:2…ocd:put:9)


Sometimes you do a put:all and get garbage in there, this will help clear it up


Allows the transfer of items from OCD to a players OCD. Removes the need for marketplace 1 CR orders and allows movement of larger amounts of items due to non-stack size limit.


Fuel your AutoMiner directly from your OCD!! (Slot must contain Pentaxit)

I have other ideas too so will share when they are bit more developed.

Cool idea… :slight_smile: Thanks
the nicest would be to be able to do that over the website. But i think that feature will still take a while… will se.
But we can implement some new commands ingame for that.
I’ll write it down

Thanks a lot

The more advanced HWS Connect / Command stuff is coming soon… already we planned :slight_smile:

I implemented in a quick first step a sort function to OCD (like on HWS Universe) in HWS Connect.
Just click on the header of the columns.

Have fun!

I was meaning, as jascha said a website function only for moving items to different slots, personally don’t think you need in-game functions for this. But definitely would be a really handy feature to have, but I know you guys are always busy and cant always commit to everyone’s wish list.