Any chance for OCD upgrades beyond 5?

I’m reaching the 700.000 milestone on more and more slots now… I don’t want to get a 2nd account just to store all my stuff. Is there any chance the OCD will be upgraded beyond lvl5 at some point?

And what would be the price for that? Tens of millions of credits?
I have several full slots too, but it’s one thing to be able to fill ocd and another to really need its expansion.

Nah just another donator package :smiley: , no credits…

But I filled several slots in just like 3 weeks… Without an expansion I either need more accounts or I gotta stop hoarding. But who wants to stop hoarding…

Just No.

Be a man and store your items in game.

Make constructors, combat steel or autominers out of those ores and you’ll be good for several more months. They’re significantly more space-efficient for storage.

Or just make it possible to store same item in multiple slots.

It is already possible.

Then why I am hauling tons of Iron through the entire map :slight_smile:

Did not know, will clean up my ocd.

[quote=“Mordgier, post:4, topic:2293”]
Be a man and store your items in game.
[/quote]NEVER! Bugs will take it all!

[quote=“Veber, post:5, topic:2293”]
Make constructors, combat steel or autominers
[/quote]Oh ofcourse I forgot. I can make 700k blocks/devices first.

[quote=“Veber, post:7, topic:2293”]
It is already possible.
[/quote]How? Oh wait maybe I just didn’t have a free slot left.

I wish I could fill my slots lol

I would say we wipe the OCDs which are full. Should motivate you, no?

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[/quote]Noooooooooo not the popcorn…