Any kind of defence pointless in Empyrion?

Today my invasion on desertworld failed. I landed with a full detachment of 7 heavy hovercrafts on a carrier, had also a size3+ deathcube SV on board (trying to get rid of these till Rex does that next week :smiley: )

Well so i landed, undocked all HVs and indeed some player in a small size1 SV appeared. Guys, this armada was not cheap to produce… and showed to be worth nothing.

This guy simply hovered at my artillery max range, released a shot now and than, was strafing up, down, left, right and depleted the ammo reserve of my 7 HVs which were not able to score a single hit on him.

Finally i had to leave because the result was clear --> i am out of ammo, game over.
Griefers use the same tactics when raiding bases in space and on planets.

So if you are looking forward to the size 4 bases in the HWS release next week… they will not benefit you, just because of this.

Watched C2C smash a 3 base complex surrounded by HVs yesterday in his new size class 1
all by his lonesome. So yea I 100% agree lowering the size class to 1 wont help anyone.

If your are set on living on a PvP world I would be willing to show you a few building tricks.
Find a planet you want to live on and hit me up in game. I’ll pop over and help you get started.
don’t take anything with you except basic supplies. You can always go back get your building

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Well i will switch to lamer tactics, as griefers prevent fair battles in Empyrion.

So fly to desertworld in a cheap trash SV, raid the temples, as soon as i hear player firing at my SV i just log out with my loot. Later i log back in, summon a new trash SV and fly to my CV 50km outside in space.

I know this is super super lame, but till the Empyrion devs abstain from the ARK style and implement a working defence this seems to me the only possibility to deal with that kind of “player SV piloting skill”.

You do realize someone can just spawn a hv near you load it full of ammo for when you log back on, combat logging isn’t the right solution. Rather try to cheese defenses yourself and look for weaknesses in that strategy then you will see how to defend against it.

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I was so looking forward to that post of outrage that someone would “grief” the spot where he combat logged…


You should have brought a few small SVs with you to engage hostile SVs

Nice idea Kogami, but you cant spawn stuff close to POI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Deconstructed my invasion fleet yesterday, as it is pointless to do anything but griefer PVP in Empyrion. I will join the party :slight_smile:

You can actually but I wont say how :stuck_out_tongue: actually there are a few ways xD