Any logic for intelligent people in the HWS11 galaxy setup?

RP are good. When you work hard on your RP you will have 100 eventually… hurrah Earth-X is waiting.
Well now i should have some advantage compared to a guy who doesnot care about RP and lives on the faction planet.
But that is not the case.
You have to go for a while to reach the supergate from the Sanctuary Warp-In. You can not go from Earth-X to ECC in a SV… so still need a Size 1 trash CV to go from your base to ECC in one step.
Opposite to the faction planet you dont have all the resource asteroids in Earth X orbit.
On the planet Earth X itself you just have some standard POI, neither better nor worse than on the faction planet.

So there is NO reason to change to Earth X, you can not even have more or bigger vehicles there.

Another joke : Why do you lose 1 RP for dying. Yes i understand punishment for too much of a risk, but if you die close to an alien POI you will die again and again while the alien base is one shotting you while you try to recover your stuff.

HWS needs a rework to bring some logic in.

The one thing about the game that is very frustratingly necessary is the need to die. Most don’t understand this but I have learned that death is a natural part of life here. In Empryion you’re going to die. A lot. But that’s okay. The big question is how prepared are you to get back in and see how much longer you can last before you die again.

With that I do agree that a cost associated with death is not necessary. Be it credits or RP I never really did like the cost. Now loosing RP when being killed by another player I can see the relevance. Perhaps this could be a solution?

Afaik, Earth-X was made for long term players to have access to planet with not much structures back when DSL wasn’t a thing and playfields like Eden were laggy due to 200+ cores on one playfield.

but if you die close to an alien POI you will die again and again while the alien base is one shotting you while you try to recover your stuff.

“Respawn nearby” function is present just because this game is in alpha and you have a chance to die due to bugs. So it’s there to make experience less frustrating. It shouldn’t cover a legit death next to an armed POI.

Nothing like a good old critter death or two dude, come on, you love it, admit it !

100 percent death due to another player lose 1 rp. Death from all the other things no rp taken. Nothing worse than dying a bunch of times because of a shitty situation ur in.

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in addition, only lose 1 RP per player killing you. this is to prevent massive RP loss when spawn killed over and over.

Well, the setup to live on the RP Heaven sector reward planets is strange.
There in NO advantage in receiving RP to live there, There are no POI or just standard POIs with less reward than the HWS designed POI.
You also dont get higher structure limits or better ressources to farm.

Suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Please introduce ranking system for these planets, in relation to the RP needed to enter them, e.g. +1 structure limit, POI quality in relation the the RP needed to live on these planets, also ressorces, maybe Magnesium for Earth X, Erestrum/Zaoscosium for Paradise.

Something like that.

In HWS 11.5 there in NO reason to change from the faction planet to the Heaven sector.

It was a mistake in the Map info. Paradise had already no structure limits. I fixed it with the next restart.

BA (no class limit)
CV Class 7
SV Class 7
HV Class 7

Similar to Supporter Playfields.

Paradise has also a lot of resources in comparison to others. No rare ones of course except Neodymium.
Will think about the others.

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