Any way I could get my OCD and bank transferred from EU to NA?

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Any way I could get my OCD and bank transferred from EU to NA. I have such better ping on NA and I’m not going back to EU.
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Hey, you can do that via CSW.
Just warp over to EU, get all stuff out and than warp back.

one could even transfer OCD level 6 EU to make my NA OCD level 6? I have nothing in the OCD but it saved my level.

OCD is per server. This means you would have to do the work yourself and load everything up into a vessel and CSW it over and then deposit it.

I’m just wondering if I could get my OCD deleted on EU and get my level transferred to NA. If I need to support the server to do this I’m down. I have nothing in my OCD it’s all been deleted during my absence and that’s fine.


I can transfer your level to NA, no problem.
But you would have to first empty your OCD on EU (what you need) or do you wat me to completely delete it on EU?
Because when I downgrade your OCD I would have to delete everything.

That would be amazing! I have nothing in either OCD.

apparently I did have stuff in my EU OCD. I did transfer it to my base on NA. I’m now ready for my level to be transferred to NA. Thanks again Jascha!

I set your OCD level on NA now

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