Arc heroes!

Someone dug and cored our base which was then destroying everyone all over the place. ARC came to the rescue and destroyed our old base and resupplied and got us going again. Big shout out to ARC. Thanks.

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I would like to know who did this to there base… a pure A-hole move that should not be tolerated on Neptune by other traders.

Sorry we had to disable your base.


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Arlong let me know if your intruder log says a faction. I have my suspicions that it is that tc kid. He is now a trader, with a faction name of [ ] and a blank player name. He was on for a long while yesterday

Kid is pure troll.

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i was saying the same thing - a few others have provided this was his MO while in Guardians…

i know he went to jail once… cant imagine much thread left…

Also, @viperjsc – Youre welcome! and thanks for bringing it to discord so it could be handled and investigated as much as we could! a few poor traders didnt make it past that mountain…

I do want to say that at a certain point we cannot simply “handle it ourselves”. When there is one person in an origin who is known to be this much of a troll, the game does not allow for us to “deal” with it. He can change his name/faction at will, there is no way for us to be able to FIND him, and we all know that offline bases dont stand a chance. So just a reminder, I already have a 400k credit bounty on killing this kid, stealing his ship, and wrecking his day. It is the best I can do, although I will say that ANY info on his whereabouts, even when he is in pve, would be appreciated.
Again, obviously, there is only so much we can do, but hopefully we can slow him down and document what he does enough to get this toxic element removed from our server.

no clue, i looked at my logs and found few traces of anything, maybe the admin can dig into it.

Shouldn’t he be sent to prison or at least be warned by admins to change to a legit faction name?
It is clear that his only purpose is to troll noobs.

He’s currently in a legit faction with a new name… They’re watching.

I hope his new faction knows they will not be getting an alliance with LoT

Discorded you… Hes a Freelancer now.

Ok. That is acceptable.

This guy is the reason I suggested that we can get the steam id of a player…