Are we allowed to use wanteds in PVP areas?

Basically to circumvent the OCD cooldown in PVP areas. I asked Achilles a while ago but no response. I see a lot of people doing it (gold wanteds for 1 credit) and often combined with “ninja mining”. But other people tell me this is not allowed… So once again I’m confused about the rules.

I mean, it’s an exploit I guess, and so is trading anything to friends for like 1 credit to pvp areas (again devs gotta step up their game). But what is the HWS policy on this? Allow/Disallow?

I personally would guess that it is allowed but again an official answer = better.

It’s unenforcable. Even if you prohibit the 1cr listings you could just put it up at fair value and then give back the money.

It is mostly enforceable because they would have to give the gold/money back afterwards in most cases. But it is very time consuming and requires the reading of a lot of logs to figure this all out for every player. That’s why I would also guess that this is allowed.
But some people keep telling me that it is not allowed.

Nothing we can do about it.
But just wait…


lol… Rex you say so many just waits… at this point 5.0 is like the first time…

Thanks for the official answer, topic can be closed.

You know… it’s christimas after all … :wink: