Are we getting restrictions on GG and whn in that case?

Like tier 1 and so ???

I was under the impression both GG and HW were to become limited to class 1 for HV/SV.

The tool is giving warnings for anything above class1 but it is not being enforced yet.

We will evaluate soon if the big ships got take care of and if we can activate the enforcement of the restrictions again without a lot of crying people.

You know people are gonna cry either way.

Than kyou rexxxus. But its starnge on how ships change in size during fights… going from 1 to 2…

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It’s not strange at all. The new class formula taxes triangle counts higher now. People are still building right up to their limits in effort to get every block/triangle they can.

Now damage said ship, blowing away blocks and causing more exposed block faces, thus increasing the overall triangle count of the ship and pushing it over into the next class size.

If people didn’t build right up to the edge of the class size then you wouldn’t see this happening so often.

Id like to offer some counter evidence here. Namely that we had a fight last weekend using a cv that still had the old whitespacing. Was a relic of before the recalc, and we tried giving it a warriors death. After the second recalc, it was class 10. Ya, I know. But here is the thing, After a decently long fight, it went to class 14. Not just up one class because some more exposed faces, because we pushed it to limits. In fact several of our ships went up multiple classes. Dont know how to fix that issue short term, other than extending the warning period to accomodate long fights, ignoring class ups if block count is similar or lower on the same ID, or something similar. But to say that

is patently false, and a ridiculous statement anyways. If you are limited in size, and size has been shown categorically to win battles, or atleast keep you from dying as fast, why would you NOT use all the room within that size you are allowed?

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