Arma - Full Wipe

So - today I noticed a number of things.

  1. Fighting near PKA/BYA base. Their base turrets shoot at mine… mine don’t shoot at theirs. Both had line of sight.

  2. SV within 100m of my fully armed and ammoed HV, and my HV wouldn’t fire at the SV. (I checked ammo, and turned turrets on and off).

I’m calling for a full WIPE of Arma. I don’t know what’s causing the issue, but PvP isn’t fun when the enemy can just shoot the turrets off your hv within 100m of your HV.

  1. A few incidents where my a SV was 150M or closer to a homing base rocket turrret - base turret wouldn’t fire… gr…
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@Mordgier feel like explaining turret cap?

@mcprouty so that explains why enemy bases fire at me, and mine won’t fire at them. If that has something to do with a turret cap… okay… that means the planet needs a full wipe still.

AKA - your comment adds to the fuel, doesn’t solve the issue. Arma needs to be viable for PvP, and the overload of cores right now isn’t helping the problem.


Arma is too corrupt, SV’s outrange “base rocket turrets” and HV “plasma and rocket”. I was a sitting duck in a HV this evening.

But if I jump in a SV and try to snipe PKA/BYA base… their turrets worked just fine. APparently Op4 and LoL had the same issue.

Everything the same :"D

I’m sure they use something (bugs/soft or etc) - but hadnt any possibility to proof that. Every one who got PvP vs them or near their structure lost ALL auto-systems: turrets wouldnt shoot. gg.

P.S.: We still w8 for 6.0… Right now this game in one gate is boring.

On top of that, you get within 3km or closer to their base you get hit with a number of internal errors. @RexXxuS Arma needs a full wipe and stricter core limits.

lol the reason our turrets were working was because I was either manually firing them, or they got too close. There is an overlap range on turrets, its slightly less than the advertised max distance, at which a turret will TRY to fire. So if you manually fire, you can hit things that it wasnt even trying to fire at.
I wasn’t trying to[quote=“Ranzeth, post:3, topic:4948”]
adds to the fuel

I was trying to get it mentioned to you from a more authoritative source. Any time you have a playfield where a LOT of turrets are firing, ( and I mean a LOT, like an insane amount) you will have issues where only some of the turrets will even calculate as if they have a target. Range could be completely null, they will not fire. Because they dont get the option. It is moderately random as to which turrets will fire, but it does seem to bias more toward turrets that existed earlier.

btw:[quote=“Ranzeth, post:4, topic:4948”]
But if I jump in a SV and try to snipe PKA/BYA base… their turrets worked just fine. APparently Op4 and LoL had the same issue.

This is not a factor of range at all. It comes down to what I said before about range where it tries to fire automatically. The range for rail guns is a bit longer than this. Meaning you can always hit turrets before they hit you. Always. but only if you use railguns.

You weren’t there - wth are you talking about? Please don’t comment, you weren’t there, you didn’t see my fight, you honestly don’t know what your talking about.

This happened all day, when there were not a lot of turrets firing - so again please don’t comment when you don’t know what your talking about.[quote=“mcprouty, post:7, topic:4948”]
This is not a factor of range at all. It comes down to what I said before about range where it tries to fire automatically. The range for rail guns is a bit longer than this. Meaning you can always hit turrets before they hit you. Always. but only if you use railguns.

LOL, for the third time Mcprouty… please don’t comment if you don’t know what your talking about. a SV… within 200m gets shot up by homing rockets… it’s that simple.

Now, I get it that only so many turrets fire at a time - I know this. I’d say I’m more qualified to speak about PvP than you are to be fair. When the server has JUST switched, and I know from looking at server pop that it’s probable that only my turrets should be firing… that it’s a PLAYFIELD ISSUE.

Oh did I mention I only get INTERNAL issues close to BYA/PKA issue.

Sorry McProuty… I’m just a bit annoyed that you are commenting on situations you weren’t even there for.

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This is way shorter than the range of railgun. That is all I meant. Yes if you try to use others, you wil lget shot at. I dont know why the hell you have decided to get all pissy at me recently, and I dont appreciate it, but I legit was just trying to help. I am getting sick and tired of the needless hostility in this server recently. Pvp is one thing, it doesnt mean you have to be a dick. There is a reason I avoid the interfaction drama as much as I can, and yet it continues to find me despite my best efforts. Honesty one of the most disappointing things I can think of, as I had grown to enjoy the community and gameplay here.

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Auto turrets are completely waked out atm from tests iv done it seems like nothing fires at max turret range as mcprouty said, but if you move in closer and it starts firing you can move way back passed the point it started firing and itll keep firing until you move even further back.

Also i find that sometimes they don’t shoot you until you fire on them at certain ranges, making it very difficult to draw lines for their max ranges, i normally spawn a few hv’s and move them all closer bit by bit till they get shot and use the wrecks to mark max ranges but even those are unreliable. I have a feeling it has to do with the name tags poping up at much closer ranges.

Homing rockets from a base have a 300m+ range.

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Rails have a range of 319 or so. Its stupid easy to take out turrets with em. Its almost as bad as manual fired rockets in 4. almost.

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Ranzeth, you turrets have been firing…unfortunately I don’t have video but in the case of your base, your cannons shot at a pka ship as it flew over the area, so those ones worked until I manually picked them off with my arty. as for the sv attack against your hv, I don’t know why your hv rocket turrets didn’t fire, but I’m guessing they were off or something because even after I was shot down and you moved next to my ship, I respawned, broke down my ship and raided your backpack with no troubles and I saw a rocket turret left on your hv. Your base rockets rarely fired at me when I attacked your hv because you were on the near side of the turrets to me, which meant that you were in range of me but I was out of range of your base rockets…you finally did move close enough to your turrets and they then shot me down…also you sat there for the first part of the night constantly picking off my turrets with your arty turrets. its fine if you wanna keep putting up new ones once old ones are destroyed but it gets rather annoying when you wait for mine to fire and then multi tool your damaged turret off and then replace it fresh. I find that to be borderline griefing since its using a mechanic of the game to pretty much make a turret non destroyable because you have nothing better to do with your time and also I feel that its borderline ammo draining since you put a turret up to get shot at and then pull it and move it so that it doesn’t get hit, but hey I got all the time in the world to play those games. so to finish off, I dunno what your talking about your turrets not firing, because they had been all night.

I will say that the having to click continue to keep playing is annoying. I only find that in the area around zc/lol/op4 bases and battles and it seems to get worse the more ships that get destroyed and not removed…interestingly enough, zc/lol first base that was destroyed had constant errors but once the area got pretty clean by LoT the errors went away. the second base they dropped instantly started the same thing and got worse when there pyramid got shot up and glitched in mid air and just sat there the whole night as a turret soaking error making ship in that area.

I think that if people cleaned up there crap and that base size was lowered we would have a lot less problems. so in the end I do end up agree with Ranzeth to a point. if it takes a full wipe of arma and a lower base size to make arma fun, then so be it but as of right now, PvP really blows on arma.

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Homing rockets have a range of 350m I beileve, and railguns are 319. Problem is because of the playfield lag they aren’t always responding fast enough to a SV sniper.

I am not trying to argue. Myself and others have addressed this issue multiple times. Turrets do not automatically fire within that range. That is the longest the projectile may go. The turret engages at about about 90% of that range automatically. If you watch the video I posted, it is exactly how it looks when shooting a base with rail guns. It is the same for dozens of hours of footage. It is not the lag, we did the same on ice as well. (I know its not the most lag free zone possible, but its the only recorded instance I have since I started streaming. It is just a peculiarity with turrets. I am sorry if I came off as rude, or making assumptions, that is why I asked mord to explain on the forum for the first time about turret cap. Because who would believe a trader about game mechanics. Nevermind one that has a degree in computer science and game design…

Fair eough, though I want to add you did destroy many many of my turrets and I had to go and resupply half a dozen times.

You didn’t see things form my perspective, but when you got shot out of the air that was me manually firing my turret, because you were within range but my turrets weren’t firing… not until you got closer. I think they do fire, but there’s a HUGE lag.

Here’s the thing, I know base rockets will respond at 300m plus, because when I tried to snipe out PKA’s base using their tactic… their base turrets responded before I could get in range.

I also had SV;s hovering between 150-250m above me and a base rocket… base rocket still didn’t fire - still think it’s just me? The base rocket fired just fine when I got in it though, so that tells me something was affecting the turrets ability to fire.

Was it the turret cap? Maybe, but at the time there wasn’t that much action going on so I don’t find that plausible.

Yes, you have a computer science degree, that’s cool. I have hundreds of hours in base pvp - particularly sieging bases, so when I notice something not behaving the way it behaved in those hundreds of hours of experience that tell’s me it’s broken.

@privatebarnes82 I’ve just been reading so far as I don’t have a dog in this but the multi-tool thing is an extremely dangerous tactic and takes a lot of skill to pull off. The risk is high but so is the reward. There is nothing close to griefing on that level. I only wish I could do it but the splash damage usually smokes me as my timing sux.

I love to dance but I look like a spaz on the floor. Ranzeth definitely has more time on the ground with guerilla tactics than most people on this server other than Colin and Centurion. Got to give props where they are due.

Mcprouty definitely knows his resource management. Everyone’s got something.


don’t get me wrong, I respect Ranzeth…and he’s got more experience with PVP in general than colin and centurion combined and then some. Ive been fighting Ranzeth since I came to this server, and most of the time its been with him killing me lol. like I said I just find the multi tooling thing kinda annoying but he, I learned from it and now we both sit there and do it.


That’s why you go for the foundations man. :slight_smile: Arty and plasma. Hit low and make a hole. Why take out one turret when you can get 2-4. Sure they’ll rebuild a tower a few times but now your shooting where they are standing, the tower has fewer HP per block and your splash is eating dirt. Eventually they’re building in holes while your SV buddies rain hell from above.