Armor durability

I thought about posting this on the Empyrion forums but I know things are balanced differently here and I’m not sure it would apply for vanilla.

Armor durability feels really low. For instance, running Alien Asylum the first time my heavy armor was gone by about the third or fourth room. For the bank robber one I didn’t even have my armor up by the time I actually needed it and what I mean by that is from my testing I’ve learned:

  • Armor seems to take durability loss from taking damage. Makes sense.
  • Armor seems to take durability loss scaling by damage taken. (needs further testing to positively confirm)
  • Armor seems to take massive durability loss from dying. Makes sense.
  • Shotgunners 1-shot you assuming you get hit by all pellets in heavy armor with no armor/multi-mod.
  • When your armor is broken you still suffer food/movement/jumping/other impairments but also have the penalty of no protection. You are basically a wounded gazelle.
  • When you are running through a mission and this happens you have no means of changing or removing your armor.
  • On top of all of this you only have a limited amount of times you can repair your armor, further penalizing players who are learning to do these missions, some of which are absurdly difficult. Ever look down into the bottom room of bank heist and seen 6 shotgunners staring at you? Bet it was the last thing you saw that life.

Rexxus has encouraged players to try out the missions and admittedly they are fun but they are also incredibly penalizing. If it were left up to me I’d like to see:

  • Armor lockers/repair stations inside of missions. This would allow someone to change modules or armor. This would also allow players to bring their own EVA armor set for the run to the portal or modules to swap out. As inventory space is already very limited by consumables and ammo this would be another option players have to weigh as they tool up for a run.
  • Looking into increasing armor durability as a whole. Personally, I don’t like the repair system and how it functions but I’d be content having a bigger health bar on my armor before it breaks.
  • Not having armor lose durability on death. By all appearances none of my other items lose durability on death. My ammo, food, med kits and other equipment doesn’t degrade. If epic weapons lose durability it doesn’t seem significant but epic weapons also have a lot of durability. Maybe they don’t lose durability and it’s just the massive damage before dying destroying my armor.
  • Looking into selling all versions of armor at a premium. I see autominers will be sold now and prices will adjust based on the economy. I don’t see why armor can’t be. It would give people another money sink and take credits out of circulation. On reflection and after discussion in the thread this seems like a much worse option than initially thought.

I don’t think all of these changes need to be implemented, indeed I think if you put them all in that it would throw things out of balance but just putting one of them in would have a positive impact on the player experience.

HWS differs so much from vanilla that it makes sense to have armor tuned for this server and not for vanilla conditions.

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So if I die from lack of food, my armor takes damage? That sounds like a fail.

Well we can already buy almost everything at the market there is almost no more reason to go out and raid POI’s and if the ECC also starts selling heavy armors then armors kinda lose their thing.

Personally I just prefer a single armor that has 4 slots, 0 armor, and never decays just for the temperature boosts and such. I mean armor (unless you buff it with 4x armor boost) doesn’t seem to do much against some aliens anyway (they have bazookas and the worst: snipers that just do soooo much damage and the more damage you take the faster an armor decays I assume so using heavy armors to facetank aliens is gonna be very costly + you will die 10x over from temperature problems.

So if I die from lack of food, my armor takes damage? That sounds like a fail.
I can’t comment on that and on second thought I need to double check my process because I had someone shooting me to see how it was affected and wasn’t checking frequently enough to see if it was all damage related or damage + death. The test was done kind of hastily.

I don’t disagree with you here. I think it would take away from some aspects and not to mention force pricing for the marketplace.

I like your idea for armor. Basically an environment suit, no damage protection but no decay. Honestly I’m not sure why this was never a consideration for Eleon. I think it would solve a lot of problems for people. I’d be fine with armor that didn’t decay but modules that did. Good modules are just as prized as heavy armor.

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Decaying boosters is worse than decaying armor due to their rarity to me personally. But an environmental suit is really something I’d like to see. As well as boosters that protect vs heat.

There is one that protects against heat I thought, the name escapes me though. I think it has a thermometer as the icon.

I’ve just been chugging water.

You mean the insulation booster that gives +5 max heat and cold resistance… Assuming you run 4x insulation that gives +20 but that is a joke (you need at least +80 heat protection total) and if you run an EVA boost you get -15 to heat.

Further confirmation in my mind that the armor system is half-cocked.

It’s a very good step in the right direction. Just not polished no.

The heat booster needs a typo fixed IMHO… there should be a zero at the end of the that +5, cause you are right… its worthless ATM and i have yet to buy one even