Armor stats?

I am bit confused how this armor stats work.

is lower factor better or worse ?
how about when its duration is out, and cant repair anymore, do this factors still apply ?

as it seems booster that suppose to help on certain thing, some of them alter factor to higher and some lower, i dont get it ??

I know armor, radiation and temperature stats changes, those are self-explanatory

things like oxigen armor rad temp are all better when higher but the rest are better they lower they are, the lower food is the slower your food goes down so lasts longer can’t remember about jetpack but i think lower is better as well.

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ok, found answers. Putting them here others to see

Armor: Easy. Bigger number means more protection from combat damage. Bigger number, less combat damage taken.
Fall Damage Factor: How much fall damage the armor absorbs as a percentage. Higher number is better.

Durability: How long an item lasts in its use.
Degradation Factor: How fast this item degrades. Lower number is better I believe.

Cold: Higher number means that you can resist colder temperatures. Good for space and frozen planets.
Heat: Same idea is cold. Higher number better for hot environs.
Radiation: How much radiation the player can handle before getting radiation stacks and taking damage.

Food Factor: Rate at which your hunger bar depletes. Lower number means you need to eat less often.
Speed Factor: Run speed. Higher number means faster running.
Stamina Factor: How much stamina is used to run. Lower number means less stamina is used so you can run longer.

Jump Pack Factor: How fast your jump pack fuel supply depletes. Lower numbers mean longer usage before it runs out.
Power Factor: Recharge rate of the jump pack’s fuel. Higher number means the jump pack recharges faster.
Jump Factor: How high you can jump (without the boost from the jump pack). Higher numbers means you can jump higher.

Oxygen: How much oxygen you can carry.

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