Auto Miner Cores not working when placed from website

Trying to put auto miner cores in the website even tho i select different spots to put them it stacks 3 of them in the same one. I selected mag and it put it in gold. Trying to get them all to 5 cores befor reset. I now have some short and some at 10 and 9


not sure I can 100% follow. Did you click this button to fuel them or did you used “Fuel all”?

yes i clicked that button and said 5 on iron and it put 5 more into gold. this happen to me 3 times. If you look i have 5 in all but a few now say 10. Just giving you a heads up its fueling the wrong one

Hm, I tried a lot of variations and couldn’t reproduce, sorry.

Each button is for each resource and gives the resources properly to the right button.
The feedback of the direct button click is also listed in your Player Log.
So no bug on our part for now.


i was watching the player log to make sure they went to the spot i set them. once i saw them go to were they needed to be i would go back and reselect a new one. But it would put it back into the one i had already done. I dont need them back. Just wanted you to know. now it could be my browser or something but i am doing wrong but i checked 3 times befor droping each

you see it went double erestrum,gold and promethium. I was trying to do 4 or 5 in each one
cause some had 1 in already

Hm I see you didn’t wait 1-2 minutes between fueling some of them. Maybe you thought it would be updated instantly on the web?

It needs 1+ minutes for the new data to get pushed to HWS Connect.

But thanks for the report! I will watch closely from now on and see if other report it as well.

That seems to be the issue didnt know i needed to wait xD

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