Auto Miners on Planet

Any body loosing their auto miners on planets ? Planet was PVE. I did find instead of them empty suitcases. In one location I had noticed 3 auto miners. When I next visited I found three suitcases. This is with the latest patch.

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Yes. We lost 2 AMD on Mars… But we lost even suitcases.

Two so far on the trader planet, just empty drop boxes left in the hole.

I lost five on Jagal today. From what I can tell it looks like they can be destroyed even in PvE zones. Haven’t really been able to confirm this or not as of yet. I have placed more on the ground under structures to see if that changes the situation.

As I saw last days, now everyone picks BA on deposits, to hide their AMD… Mb some report for devs?

I tought it was server reboot that did it but It’s not the case. We just had a reboot and my new ones are still up and running.

Nope. We watch our AMDs for 2 restarts - they was on and ok. But after night - we lost them. So… Someone find bug or tool how to dismiss foreign AMD.

I think they may have messed up not making the auto miners like the h2o/o2 generators, to where they are impervious to damage on pve planets. I was actually in the middle of testing this out, but can’t get back in because 4.0.2 came out and the server isn’t updated =(

Same here . I noticed my client updating and went. oops. thats not going to be good.

Same problem :sweat_smile:

The Eleon Auto Miners are not ready yet. Like the OP.
You can destroy AM on PvE. You can also destroy Survival constructors on PvE.
Please protect them within a base take care else…
Reported it.

Had 2 AMDs overnight, collected from them this morning, another guy had put up a bricked one next to it, no problems, logged out for an hour, came back, both destroyed and another dick had put theirs up in place in cages on a PvE planet, like WTF??

What is wrong with people, this is already causing structure issues on planets, its going to create a monopoly of AMDs where the only people on one planet will be who got there first and setup protected AMDs on EVERY resource, then the structure cap is reached and no one else will be able to settle there.

Simple solution, scrap the new way and bring back the old, this is going to kill the planet structures badly, we are only a couple days in and planet over structure population warnings are popping up regular, it cant continue like this.

The only other option is to ban all construction around every resource once the AMD’s become protected on PvE. I look forward now to PvP days on the rotating planets and welcome EVERYONE to go and shoot the shit out of all these AMD left behind!!!