Autominer Issue

I did the command am:fuel:all:1 and it seems to have only fueled Sathium??? Any help would be appreciated.

one core each resource =) Use am:fuel:X:1 next time :wink:

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And dont forget -

Yes I was on this web page using the commands.

Yes I used the individual commands to fuel the rest of them.

The thread was about the am:fuel:all:1 command NOT working for me. It only fueled sathium. Does it not work or am I doing something wrong? I don’t need to know how to use the individual commands as that’s how I ended up fueling them it just takes longer.

am:fuel:all:1 means you are asking the server to fuel 1 core… Even if you have 20 in your inventory. If you have 5 resources in your AM, then the command would be am:fuel:all:5 and it should fuel 1 core at each…
BUT: i did that once, and ended up with a really random refueling… So i always use the fuel:ore command…

So if I do am:fuel:all:11 it should fuel all 11 with 1? That’s got to be broken lol.

yes… it should, but please… dont trust it to work… Use am:fuel:X:1 will only take you 5 minuts very 3 day

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