Autominer rebalance

Its not easy to get to lvl10 in gold but when you get there there is no problem to get other ones to lvl 10 too.
I got to lvl 10 quickly because of gold deposites i stripmined, and pentaxid untouched fields i discovered while others strugled for survival at Mars.

Curve for gold income is too steep at end.
Your gold income is multiplied by 2 8lvl to 9lv but price not. Multipled by 1,5 lvl9 to lvl 10. Makes last upgrade weaker than 9. This leaves you with 20 hours to get from 9 to 10 while you can sleep or make dishes.
Price of upgrade at these levels are multiplied by 1,125 and 1.111. Should be otherwise at least.

Lvl 8 to 9 gives you more gold boost then final level.
Price for lvl 9 is lower than price for level 10. You have higher income so you will reach 10 faster than 9.
Lvl 5 to 6 is not much crispy level, probably better to stay at 5 until other miners are at 5, you get only 10 more resources. 55 to 65

Just a draft of suggestion. lvl 10 200k price, i have to do some more math for this, last levels should be much more difficult to reach.

Maybe some coeficient like 1,5 through whole progress. 10k(*1,5); 15k(*1,5); 22,5k(*1,5); 33,75k and so on should be groving not by flat amount of 10k. Not sure if thats flat but i hope its understable.
Maybe do same with amount of resources it mines but much less steep. 1,1-1,2.

Im not sure what is exact purpose of autominer i was never low on resources in EMpyrion so if this should make mining not necessary if all lvl 10 its ok. If this is mean to be jsut support to always have resources to spawn basic SV its way too much.
Its obvious its good think it allows us not to worry so much about loosing resources, makes us to travel in search for pentaxid. On other side i dont need to travel anymore i can jsut buy all i need already.

I collected hundrets of pentaxid so price of 30k well its nothing. Its very fast. YOu trade = income, autominer works in meanwhile = income. You can mine meteorites, if mined properly huge income.
But this is changing, pentaxid is cheap as other pilots made it out of inner ring.

Over the last days / week how you think about it still?
Imagine you have all auto miner to level 10. Do you get 100 pentaxit per day still so easy? A level 10 auto miner without fuel is not useful at all :wink:

If you still think of balancing the outcome of them or the quantity of pentaxit let me know.
That will become also important for the faction rebalance 2.0 and even more important with patch 2.1 where customize the meteorites in a certain way.