Autominers - discussion

Just curious as to what people think with the the now unlimited ore. Will this kill the ore market ? Or help to have more conflict , ship explosions ?

Ore is not “unlimited”. There’s just more of it. So the prices will drop, I think. But “killing the market”? Definitely no.
More conflict? Might be. Less time for mining -> more time for fighting.

We were having this discussion yesterday. As long as you keep it fueled, it seems like the ore is almost unlimited. Veber, how isn’t it unlimited? Even if the deposit is depleted by manual mining then the AMs will still pull ore. Was this recently changed in 4.1.1? I didn’t see it any of the patch notes.

I would think it would lead to inflation, as the market is going to be saturated with ore, Every deposit I go to has 6-12 AMs on it, with nothing to limit it.

I was thinking that the AMs could have a durability metric assigned. Maybe it breaks down after a certain time, getting less and less efficient until it finally breaks. When it breaks, it would force you to remove it to have it repaired. That way if the deposit is empty, you’d be forced to move on to a new one. Just my thoughts.

It has a fixed rate of mining. You can’t just have whatever amount of ore you want. For example, I took over 50k ores from ocd since 4.0 and I’m probably the most active user of those autominers.

Nope, the demand is flexible enough. It’s just the price drops that we might see.

That’s interesting. Trader planet? I’ve never seen more than about 8 of them on a single deposit.

There is more ore. But this encourages me to make bigger/stronger ships and to waste ships in PVP. If I have to mine all ore manually then going in PVP with better ships would hurt too much. I personally like this but I also believe that market prices will drop. You can roughly get half a million ingots/day from one pve-planet per player. That’s pretty sick.