I know a lot of people (myself included) are bummed out by the new 5.3 turret changes. I’m mostly going to wait around see if 6.x improves things. I noticed this game on Steam however:

It seems like it’d hit the Empyrion itch quite well. Despite just coming out on early access it seems like it is far ahead of Empyrion in some areas. Has anyone given it a try yet?

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Wow… this looks great.
Not only the trailer etc. but also the already big community behind it.

Also some features… so sad it isn’t in Empyrion… copy a part of your ship during building and just copy paste this part somewhere else… a lot of inspiration for Empyrion.

And too bad they used this crappy old forum framework… should have made the forum for them x)

Anyways there are server support so I might check it out :slight_smile:

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During the last weeks i had so many disconnects in Empyrion (until i was told some days ago to update on the “steamtest” branch, which fortunately fixed the discs), that i was looking for another game and this was what i found. it cought my attention and i bought it, and so far i put about 100 hours in it. on one hand its really awesome, on the other, there are still a lot of features missing. especially when it comes to multiplayer. there is no faction system so far, which makes serious multiplayer impossible, but its nice for PVE coop or singleplayer.
the game kinda takes off where empyrion ends - exploration, huge fights, freelancer style trading&economy and commanding multiple ships. building is good, but not perfect. some aspects of the building mode take time to get used to.
the only really bad thing at the moment are a few bugs, which either corrupt your whole savegame, or make your ship disappear. you need quite some frustration-tollerance for avorion:) but we empyrion veterans are kinda trained in that regard:)

so if you like the X series or freelancer style games, you will certainly enjoy it.
but i think it will take a lot of time until it can compete with what we have here on HWS when it comes to faction based multiplayer experience.


Last I checked on this it seemed to be more simplistic in terms of ship design and very much pve focused - is that still the case?

There is talk about PVP servers I saw. Did you see or join any? I’m pretty picky about what games I buy lately so I’m still researching this one but it keeps sounding better and better. These guys are a small German team as well (two devs and a musician).

The game is already basically matched with Empyrion for players:


This looks awesome, has anyone posted this thread to Eleon lol

I mean Empyrion looks nicer and ship design looks old school on Avorion but man if they take some pages out this book instead of ‘freestyling’ it then PVP in Emp could be sick!

at the moment you can host servers, but they dont show up in the game. you have to know the IP and save it, there is no server search function so far. that makes finding servers hard, you rely on what you find in the forums, or friends.
there are PvP servers according to the forums, but PvP without factions is more like a free for all. but the developer said that a faction patch is the highest priority after the steam release. so we will see. but taking into account that the game is in development for more than 4 years now, huge patches will take some time i think.

@mordgier: you are right, building is much more simplistic than in empyrion, and it is very PVE coop focused, since there are missions you have to complete to get into the center to get the most precious resources and higher tier weapons. the last mission is very hard to accomplish by just one player.
there are about 6 or 7 main resources, and each res represents a “tier”. the closer you get to the center the more valuable the resources are on the playfields. you can build any block out of any resource, just a few special blocks need the more precious ones.

but there is a LOT of potential (probably the most famous sentence when it comes to early access games) for PVP. claiming sectors, building defenses, automated fleets and stuff … could be a LOT of fun, if ever implemented :slight_smile:

and you might like the manual targeting, considering your ideas about world of warships targeting for empyrion on the official board:) (but no multicrew in avorion). i enjoy the fighting in avorion even more than in empyrion because of it. even just against the AI.

i would like eleon to take a week off and play avorion for that time, just for inspirational reasons :slight_smile:


I own it, and it’s really fun. Empyrion is a better looking game with more strategic depth and better fundamentals, but until lagshots and the pain of having to rebuild ships is fixed, it’s too frustrating to play.

Avorion is scratching the empyrion-like space-itch really well. It does a lot of the things empyrion is missing really well. Ship construction is fast and easy, repairs are easy, and the universe is huge, dynamic and interesting.

It won’t necessarily grow into a better game than Empyrion, but for right now it’s 90% fun and 10% frustrating (as opposed to Empyrion which is majority frustration, grinding, and losing lots of hard work due to bugs and silly missing features which Elon should prioritize).

Avorion also offers server support. I’ve played online, and it works pretty well…

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