BA deleted in donare space

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**What happened:**BA disappeared from donare space

Player(s) with issue:[WAS] faction… HoboTruth


**Time (cb:time):**noticed around 12pm server time


**Structure Name(s):**DARK FACTORY

**Structure ID(s):**no longer shows in structure commander

**How can we help you now:**Looking to get the structure restored before full server wipe. The base had been visited within the last 3-5 days so not sure why it was taken. Thanks guys

Hello @HoboTruth

That name does not exist on HWS NA.

The only base I found was

“DARK_MATTER_BP_STUFFER” but that one was recycled by you.
If it was really Dark Factory and wiped weeks ago already, not much I can do unfortunately :frowning:

Hmm, weird. Because it was still in the structure commander labeled as YES under the destroyed column yesterday when i noticed it. By the time i reported it, it was no longer findable in the structure commander. I visited the structure less than 5 days ago… lost to the game is suppose? Thanks for looking into it though.

If you saw it yesterday or so, it’s fine and I should be able to see it too.
Our database only can’t find names which are much longer gone.

Overall please keep in mind that “visited” doesn’t prevent your structure from wiping.
The 15 day “touch” mechanism only triggers on “touch”.

I tried to explain it in the FAQ

Ok got it. thanks Rex

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