Backpack theft in PVE

EU server Voltage from RED watched me fighting a POI in his SV. soon as I died he swooped in and stole my backpack on a PVE enviroment. Asked him to return the items but hes just acting dumb about it. Can admns please get my stuff returned as I had a lot of gear including an epic minigun.

Yeah this can be discussed now from different perspectives but on PvE the focus should be on no griefing. I exchanged at least the epic weapon and he is guilty.

Its my opinion, but u arent right. PvE or PvP - its still competition and survival. Why u return items for ppl, which die vs POI? He was killed by NPC. He didnt secure his backpack - so it could be lost. And it isnt grief. Its Survival! Some need to learn how to play MP, not like SP…

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He could have at least responded or give a bit back. We had this scenario already in HWS 4 and 5.
Griefing per definition on PvE was this decision.

And not giving all back. Lessons learned hopefully

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