BAN a day (why not a minute ADMIN ?)

So we have cheaters on the server, it happens … specifically in an Alpha.

Those cheaters have already been banned… they have a faction code that goes with it …

And they have been caught with a video showing just half of their misdeed.

So they got banned … 1 day out to drink out on how weak this Server is, and plan for their next operation.

Personnally either they are banned for a longer period say a week and their money and OCD seized (or put as a bounty of an event) or I do not intend to come back on this server which shows such nice hospitality to cheaters.

I have lost tons of CV/base/SV in fair fights … the loss is not the issue … it is the theft of the pleasure to play and measure vs another which is cancelled by such gross cheating that do not leave you a chance.


To sum up everything in a single word my friend :] incremental, if they do it again the punishment gets worse and worse, why start at the end and leave no place for redemption.

Anyone know who this guy is? Anyone heartbroken because he doesn’t understand the concept of escalating response, and wants to go to a more aggressive server that perma-bans left and right?
Do you really think that the next occasion of exploit, if there is one, would yield another 1 day ban? Perhaps look back at the history of other factions that have exploited in different ways, and you will quickly see that while this is not a devastating loss for RED, it is by no means the norm. Now it is insanely clear to all that this is against the rules, and further action can begin to be more swift AND just.


RED Redemption? Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before …

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Agree with the above. A 1 day ban isn’t meant to be punitive - its meant to get the message out that such an action is not permitted.

Unfortunately - due to the understandable requirement for video evidence its likely they’ll do it a lot more before they get caught again (most dont record).

True but maybe advertise the screen shot key. Dont have to have video if you can get both the guy doing the deed and background of who he is doing it to. Example in the mentioned case here if I went in close and you could see the guy clearly in the CV shooting and the name of the guy he is doing it to and hit F12? You have photo evidence which works as well. Understandably not everyone can even record as they play without performance issues. Honestly if I was in that case I would have screenshot the move (I would hope I think of that).

Funny this guy thinks the punishment was not enough. The guilty parties think they did nothing wrong…Everyone is upset and its clear who the guilty ones are. Was there a day when we owned up to our mistakes learned and moved on?

Some answers there : They used a minigun that removed combat blocks you have that in your inventory ? They positionned a Core on top of an existing one (you can do that ?) … they used the grappling technique … and least but not last while all my connection worked … I got disconnected the time for them to do their deed and came back just to see their marvelous minigun (so no video for me it is another faction I thank that took the evidence)

I have to admit this is professional handling :slight_smile:. Furthermore an alliance member got the same treatment a day before with no proof …

I do not believe in gradual BAN as if you have proof you are just catching the guy who did it 20 times before without getting caught and anyway in their case they already had been banned …

Last but not least I have been on/off on this server for 2years … and paid at one stage my due.

Sorry about this mcprouty, but you came on way too strong there …

Someone who was wronged, with a legitimate complaint and right to be heard.

He does understand, he specifically mentions they were already banned before so he does not agree with a “first offence” punishment

That’s just silly, that’s you saying that, not him

Ah right, on the HWS Justice wikipedia page I guess :confused:

The rest of what you said I agree with :stuck_out_tongue:


Of topic: What recording program you use?
For cs:s/Go, Homeworld, Fallout 4 and TTD i use D3Dgear, but for some reason it does not work on empyrion… (works on other EarlieA games ive tested)

I use AMDs ReLive. Comes bundled with the driver.

Get busted with evidence that shows cheating beyond any doubt those responsible should be banned and
their steam ID submitted for Steam VAC ban. Losing the ability to play all your steam games might deter
any would be cheaters from then on. This may seem abit harsh to some, but if your not cheating you have
nothing to worry about. If you are then you will either stop or move on to a different server or game? The
more severe the penalty the less people who will be cheating.

Steam would never do that, only for harassment.

While i believe in an escalating ban, this is certainly not the first time RED has done this, just saying.

Actually Androniko1 you are mistaken.

More than a few Steam Accounts received VAC bans for repeatedly using aimbot and esp hacks
in Heroes and Generals. I believe the third time you get banned you will be VAC banned.

Gloria Victus had issues with players using cheat engine as well as DDOs and Lag Attacks. The
players responsible all had their steam accounts banned.

Want to get ride of all the cheaters. Don’t stop making posts like this. Post your videos directly to
steam Empyrion and the Elion Forums. Watch how quickly those ban times change.

So to be clear: In this instance are you saying that Colin should be permanently banned from the server and reported to steam?

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And yes, scorp, perhaps I came on a little strong. But something about someone threatening to leave a server unless cheating is punished, when the punishment was already dealt no less, rubs me the wrong way. If you dont want to play somewhere, just dont do it. But do not demand that a ruling be reversed and/or increased in severity, otherwise you wont play for free on the server.
I think the big thing in this situation, and why it is sort of starting from scratch here, is that the no tackling rule has kind of been a “per instance” kind of rule. Bump into someone and accidentally stop them, fine, land in their hangar, it is kinda cheaty, but depending on the admin was not out and out against the rules. So to make it really clear from here on out, I think rex is trying to use this to say that this is absolutely not allowed, and will be punished any time it can be proven.

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how do i contact admin iv been banned for about a year and they stii wont help me. i havent done any thing wrong

On Discord you can post to get_support, but I would suggest contact Jascha or Rexxxus by PM on Discord to discuss the details of such a long ban in private

As already said: that is blatant wrong.

We have people bending rules, exploiting from time to time, yes.
But everyone will find my justice, sooner or later.
Since march 2016.