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What happened:
=> I did not recieve my daily interest credits or my daily vote credits.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Ronin Mike


Time (cb:time):
=> 15 minutes ago

=> EB

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Just want my credits deposited, I’m marked for daily deposit also for voting.

For when? What day?

15 minutes ago: you got your interest.

It updated, I got them from yesterday, it just was not updating for hours. Thanks anyways.

Ok it’s taking a very long time for my bank to update, I’m not eve sure I got my interest deposited yesterday 2/22. It has been doing this for 4 days or so now. The daily loot is taking a long time to appear in the game so I can collect it. The daily vote RP seems to be working fine but not the credits. It was never like this, my daily loot, interest deposit and daily vote credits were deposited a lot faster. Please fix, thanks.

My daily vote credits just got deposited, I believe that’s all that happened yesterday. I have a level 5 bank and I type eb:intereest everyday.

My interest credits have not been deposited, it’s 9:06 pm Eastern I claimed them this morning. This kinda sucks. Can you guys please take a look at this when you can. It looks to me like I’m missing interest from 2/22 and 2/23.

Hello @Ronin

so let me recap everything:

If you talk about eb:info and HWS Connect Hotview / EB: no, it does not take long. Almost instant. But in both cases you either have to do another eb:info or a refresh click in HWS Connect (press F5 or click again on Dashboard)

Example of instant transfer:

I don’t know if you chained your clicks. But in some situations you can fasten it up with the command “cb:startjobs”.

Whatever that means mate, it doesn’t matter. It only matters what server time there is!
And you get the server time with the command


Please keep this in mind with all time handling stuff, because I think you still don’t get the time trigger things.


Here you can see easy how it works again…

You didn’t get interest on 23th because you

  1. Didn’t visit physically the Elemental Bank in ECC (you stayed in Sanctuary System)
  2. You logged in on 22th before the 9AM interest time. So you activated interest for the 22th at 6:12, which got processed at 9:02AM.
  3. You activated the interest on 23th 6:24PM, which counts for the 24th, today and you got the interest for today.
    The interest for 23th is missing cause you didn’t typed eb:interest or visited the EB Zone in ECC from 22th 10AM -> 23th 8AM.

I hope it clears it up - not able to explain it better anymore - took me awhile here.

So on server time: 2/24 21:16 I sent the command eb:interest then I did eb:info which showed I was marked for daily interest and no credits had been deposited.

I waited 5 minutes then did eb:info again which showed the same thing as above.

I waited longer and on server time 2/24 21:28 I sent eb:interest again and then eb:info.

I got the initial results above no deposit and marked for interest.

I had done all the basic problem shooting before opening this ticket and sorry if I was not very clear with that. I have logged out and logged back in, closed the game and open it back up on HWS connect I have refreshed the page for hours, close the entire browser then open it back up also open the HWS connect from my phone like I did yesterday so I was at work and did not have the server time.

The last thing I will try is going to the EB and use the eb:interest command, but I bought a support package that promised I did not have to go to the ECC daily to collect my interest.

Thanks again for looking into this and sorry to be a bother.

Yes, and you don’t have to do this.
You can just type anywhere “eb:interest” as you did and it works.

I think I can’t get pass the language barrier here.
I say all the time “it works exactly how it should” and you say “no” :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else can step in and explain / translate properly.
Anyways, good night for now.

On server time 2/24 22:02 I went to the EB in ECC and typed cb:interest then cb:info, I see no interest deposited and marked for daily interest.

Yeah, I give it a one last try cause I think that is the issue for you:

Read this guide please.

You think you get credits directly deposited and that is wrong.
You get “marked” for the interest but credits are only delivered at 9AM, you know?

I’m not a liar dude, I posted time stamps for you and the steps I did. This is implying that I am lying and incapable of reading English. This was not like this like 5 days ago or so. Why would I lie about this? It was working like it should but now it is not, don’t belittle me just because, please it’s very offensive.

As I said: language barrier. I’m not calling you liar or anything offensive! I even put a friendly smiley :slight_smile: in there to let you know that I feel I can’t help you anymore.

And read my latest post: I think you are just misinformed about how the feature works.

After you read what I wrote again, you should get the “aha” moment and understand everything :+1:

It’s never worked like that, you don’t get the credits from interest until the next day at the 9am server restart. You have never gotten the credits instantly.

If you log on right now and do eb:interest you will get the credits from that tomorrow morning at 9am restart. This is working as intended.

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Ok so I started collecting interest not too long ago, everyday after I typed eb:interest I would see a significant change in the balance that accounted for the interest I saw on the dashboard. Call me a liar or an idiot if you want but that was my experience.

So today 2/24 the daily interest is 856,418 credits, what you are saying is that it’s supposed to get deposited tomorrow 2/25. If this is how it’s supposed to happen then I don’t know what was going on before because it was not like this at all, It’s the reason why I opened this ticket, all of a sudden I would type eb:interest and the value in the bank would not change.

Then I conclude that this is how it’s supposed to work, tomorrow I will see the interest shown today and before something else was going on that I can’t explain. I’m pretty sure that I am not a liar or some crazy person, I am a happy well adapted male in modern USA.

My apologies to Rex if I dragged this thing longer than necessary and my thanks too for looking into this.

No one called you a liar, not once.

We are just telling you how it works and has worked for a long time now.

If you ever got your interest immediately then THAT was the bug. That’s simply not how it works.

Sorry I wasn’t trying to imply that, my bad yo.

It would be nice if cash arrived instantly, but the highly defended cash drone doesn’t arrive at ECC until 9.00 :wink:

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