Banking not work

fedor.letaev (Entity Id: 5315088 )

i have 30 rp and bank lvl 5

i clic in bank zone/ i go in banking zone but not work

2 days

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What happened?

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Server? (EU or NA)

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Please fill the template out, it makes it a lot easier for the admins to check what happened.
My guess would be you didn’t stay in the elemental bank zone long enough. You have to wait until it says welcome to the bank.

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i will stai in zone 15 min(

hop in the blue zone and type eb:info
that should kick in the location tracker and see u in the correct zone.

the info in the template u skipped is much needed information for the admins to backtrack issues and correct them.

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If you have bank 5 you can just eb:interest

You need to do this every single day though to get interest (this confused me my first season :P)

Interest is paid at server reset at around 9:02 server time:
20-07-12 09:02 Interest
Got 1,750,000 credits

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Are you still having this issue Fedor?

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