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I haven’t played on HWS for probably 5+ months now, but when I tried to join today it said I was banned. I did nothing wrong, so I am unsure why I was banned. After speaking with former guildmates, I was told that the entirety of our guild was banned because a couple of people broke the server rules. I find it hard to believe that 30+ people would have been banned for the actions of two people. Especially when most of them were not even on the server when the offense took place. Can an Admin please look at why I am banned? I have never cheated or broke server rules, so unless this server follows the policy of “Guilty by Association” I am unsure why I was banned.


Hey Alpha,

the only faction which fits to your description is XTE, right?!
This was months ago a disaster or read it up by yourself again: XTE/MRA PvP Rules Statement!

It is true that you can’t generalize a whole group of some specific user misbehavior. However it needs time to look to every case individually.

Since time has passed some things are history and a perma ban is always a hard choice. Mad Max for example was unbanned by me. Some of the group will never be unbanned though.

Anyways if my guess about XTE was wrong, ignore it and explain a bit more what username you had earlier and which guildmates you mean.



Yes it was XTE - and username is AlphaOmega.

I never read that forum post before, but that’s definitely something. So yea I remember this now, Mad Max joined our guild a day or two before this happened. He said he was approached by another guild that wanted to basically steal him from our guild.

I remember being in TS and he was talking about how he could join the guild and infiltrate them, and then core it and rejoin our guild. There was a lot of debate over whether that was something that we should do, or was against server rules. At that point your server rules were very vague regarding the issue. The “No Griefing” rule didn’t really apply to using espionage as a strategy. I mean this happens everyday in eve online, and they have a “No Griefing” policy as well. So I think most of us didn’t think it was an infraction of server rules. However when the actual event occurred, there was a division in the guild whether we should or shouldn’t do it. I do believe I was in the fight for the base shortly before or after it happened, I really can’t remember because we attacked guilds and bases and a daily basis.

I believe there were some bans handed down after that, and it appears that Ruxa pushed the issue a little too far, which was very typical Ruxa. After that we changed servers a few times and I grew bored of Empyrion and left. Then last night a former guildmate - CommanderWolk (who is also probably banned - and was one of the people arguing against doing it), and QuasarGuardian (who had already quit playing empyrion when this happened) convinced me to join back up and start playing again because of all the major changes that had occurred. So I did, and that is when I found out I was banned for 100 years or so from this server.

Without reading that entire post, I am assuming that some of the people handled it poorly from our faction which resulted in a blanket ban. It appears the post digressed quickly into some name calling and probably could have been handled a lot better. I was offline for a short period after that, and when I came back we had already switched servers. So I don’t remember all the exact details, but the guild grew to be 60+ people at one point, and keeping up with everyone’s issues was impossible. Also I was just a member of the guild, not in any leader position, so I literally had no control over what was decided for the guild as a whole. I (along with a few dozen others) were basically just along for the ride, and when we were told to attack a guild or switch servers, we just followed orders.

Obviously if you have unbanned the person who was banned for breaking the rule (Mad Max), then there are probably 10 -20 people banned like me, for being Guilty by Association. After this happened, I was one of the guild members who argued that we should just give everything back and call it a day.

So hopefully you guys will unban me and CommanderWolk, as we did nothing against server rules that would warrant a perma-ban (Hell we didn’t even cuss in chat)

Thanks for your time!

Hello any update?

I think there is some unspoken feeling here, personally i liked XTE faction for their aggresive approach, but the personal battle with Rexxus and XTE is something i think will last for an lifetime sorry…

but what i do not understand is why you would be so stupid to say so much stupid words to the admins which are running the best Empyrion server in this game… and then relocate to an non eac server with half the population… woho

What I said was just complete honesty of what actually happened. I am not sure why you would say it was stupid. If you are going to insult me, you could at least give me say something constructive about it. So I will reply by saying that saying what I said was stupid, means you either didn’t actually read what I wrote, or you’re just a troll.

Hello, I was just logging into this forum to ask about a ban removal and noticed AlphaOmega had posted already.

My account was also banned and being in a non-leader role had no hand in what went on. I have not hacked or cheated, but stand guilty of others wrong doing.

Let me know if it can be removed :slight_smile:


Im in a similar situation as mentioned above. I was barely active at the time and had nothing to do with said occurances. Did not really have any playtime enough to even be able to brake any kind of rules and never participated in any of this thread rule breaking. Ingame name is Loke. Let me know if its possible to lift the ban on my character.



Hi all,
I can put a good word for Loke.
Been playing with him on various servers since very first P2P servers in Empyrion - he’s a good guy, definitely not a griefer.

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Sorry, have a lot on the line right now.

Some explanations:
Yes, especially the americans in general show me how to go tryhard with declaring rules. So we had to implement this new rule and in general rules which has to be done to grant a great experience for everyone. HWS rules are no bible, set in stone. Like the game everything can change so this should be a general disclaimer.

Anyways MadMax actions were very detailed discussed, stuff were restored, actions were apologized for.
That what triggered the ban were the insults to others, the bending rules here and there and insulting me / us / admins.
Some of course more than others but like a common sense - stand together, fall together.

I see that some of you are just normal players in a guild but what causes the additional ban was your backstabs here and there - almost everyone of you. I smurfed in almost every server to not get the general welcome hate and lies and saw how you spreaded lies and accusations towards HWS all over the place.
The common sentence back in the days on your non-eac-hacker server was from a lot of your guild:
“bring HWS down and make this server the best”. This was also the overall plan from BLG, some of you were admins there, so here we are again…

Long story short:
For some of you I consider to lift the ban, but some of you (and I know who) will never be accepted anymore.



Well I can’t speak for everyone in the guild, but I for one did not start a smear campaign against HWS ~ Nor did I break or bend any rules. And I it sounds like you already know who insulted HWS/Admins and who was talking smack on other servers. I don’t even talk in general, except to answer noob questions.

Please when you have time, consider unbanning me.



This is probably the best call. While I’m sure there were good guys in XTE, imo they were the death of BLG. I’m sure there were good members, but they also had a lot of bad apples who engaged in very childish behavior. What you described in the original thread is just a small example of what they are capable of.

@Yib, @AlphaOmega, @Loke hopefully you enjoy HWS this time more than last time…

Thanx Rexxus! My intention is to play fair and legit as it was before the ban. Never had enough time on your server to make up my mind about your server but the player base I would think speak for itself. Will probably try again in the near future…



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