Banned (Resolved)

What the hell is going on??

Admin?? I have been minding my own business and all of a sudden I get a server ban, what reason do I owe this for? I’ve not harassed anyone, been actively bug/exploit hunting and now you just without warning give me a ban with no explanation, so you better have a damn good one!!!

Not happy with this server!!!

what a completely useless reply, iv only been play a week and learning the he’s server, v4 was the plan to get ready for. But if your gonna be a bunch of assholes who ban someone just for learning then fine, glad now I never spent real $$ on this server. It’s attitudes like this to players which will kill your server, thanks for wasting my time.

It’s unlikely the admins ban you just the sever tool. Posting on the forum like this isn’t going to help. Making demands and basically throwing all your toys out. Yea the post above had no relevance but chill the hell out wait for a reply. The admins never usually take more than 12 hours to reply. Better than most severs. If this isn’t good enough for you that is very unreasonable.

thanks achilies, what gets me is I joined this server, read all the story which is more than many many others do, been an active help to new players and set my faction to a trader. That is what I’ve focused on big time, buying, selling, building myself up and keeping the market stocked so others could play as well, often at a lose to my own game just to get a new player or someone who’s lost everything going. If traders are unwelcome, why have that faction? It’s like going to a mall, giving all the staff a gun and saying your the new army.they won’t do it straight up and many will go awol!!! If I cant be a trader then I want no part of this server, everyone had been nice and helped me as I was helping back, then a ban, for following the rules and being true to the faction I chose, so I’m still left waiting for, why was I banned?

Hey duke,

dont worry. Sorry that you had to wait, but we are sleeping at night sometimes ;). The tool automatically banned you for some amount of items you had/have. There are still very few items we did not adjust yet, since now people craft every thing in tons.

Sorry for the inconvinience. Will check it in a minute and unbann you. Its definetly not against you (as long aws you did not upset our tool ;)), but its the anti cheat system, even though not allways perfect is important for us since many dupers are around.


The game is - like you experienced by yourself - still alpha and bugs / exploit are here and there. We have effective ways against dupers. Some are feeling guilty after banned and never coming back.
In your case - if it was not true then come back, report it and everything will be settled.
No need for hard feelings.

Oh and by the way you can ignore Thranirs posts like this one. He is a known troll.


Thanks guys, appreciated :slight_smile: that was a sudden shock to have.

Turns out funny in the end.

I had wondered if this had been related to the updated HWS connect last night, my CV Explorer MkII was showing as true for deleted on the structures and yet it was sat on the landing pad outside my base door…

Renamed the ship a couple times before and was about to check if the site recognised it as the same ship and well above had happened, so you might wanna check if there is a bug there.

Enjoy your sleep, but hey if I can survive on 4 a night, everyone can, lol.

Thanks again for helping :slight_smile:

PS because of the love of the admins and how great they have been (even with the drama troll), contrary to my first reply I am now considering supporting the server $. Although I have what is a questionable username, I don’t cheat games and not here to troll, I like this server and helping where I can, so I hope to remain here a long while as the game develops, that can only be done with fair play. I am looking for a faction if anyone is still reading and wants to contact me in game with an interesting proposition.

Swear your auto system don’t like me, lol. Its done it again and all I was trying to do was OCD things I had in my hand slots… Oh hum, help? :slight_smile: