Base, and some ships deleted

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What happened: I had base, one cv and one sv docked in my bbase in pegasus galaxy space, next pvp space from freelance home. All of them dissapeared and see deleted in connect. Promixity log aint showing attack either. Visited regulary. Base aint even show in structure commander. Name was Finnish alliance OP. SV Explorer 5788092 and CV_drillhv_transporter 5296987. Can get info from base, as sayd structure commander aint showing somehow its info, yesterday it was good.
Player(s) with issue: Niewitch
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 14.00 find out
Playfield: Pegasus galaxy space
Structure Name(s): Finnish alliance OP (base), Explorer (sv), CV_drillHV_transporter
Structure ID(s): ''5788092 (sv), 5296987 (cv), base info is not shown in connect
How can we help you now: would be glad if check what has happened to them and ireturn of those if possible

You were attacked in the early hours of the morning by the looks of things. Check your intruder logs. Base was cored. Sorry! :frowning:

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that is fine. I tough so, but problem is I cant get any information of attack. I try put today, and day 31, yesterday and day 30, but i never get any information in intruder log

who was attacker ?

Faction IMP attacked you.
I have to adjust the Alliance check. I think I know why they were not listed. Will fix that as soon as possible.

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