Base (BA) 474269

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======
help i got griefied
What happened: I got raided and griefied my whole base is gone! they destructed everything
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Player(s) with issue: madman
Server: Write NA
Time (cb:time): 17:28
Playfield: cryo l1
Structure Name(s): qcc base madman airlines
Structure ID(s): 474269 1001324
How can we help you now: they griefed all

now I see your ticket MadMaN but you missed the “Write Here” parts. Please fill them in

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Ok, thanks!

I see it is in Cryo L1 -> PvP. Dangerous place.

So now I only need to know what you mean with “griefed”, then I maybe can restore it. Otherwise it’s PvP and risky to live there. But you knew it before you have chosen it, right?

they destroyed all walls and all eveythnig… i cant even make a constructor

worked on that for 4 days…

Ok, heres the dilema.

You’ve chosen to start on a PVP planet and leave your base undefended. Its clear from the outset that you’re in a PVP environment and we cant have different rules for different players. On this occasion we cant restore your stuff, it was fair game unfortunately. Am sure the community will help you rebuild if you reach out.

The server is fairly complex and we have many guides to help players new to us. Please make sure you understand our rules and guides.

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