Base cores

ok not only did we loose our last base completely before the upgrade now only our core has gone on Neptune.
it was buried and couldn’t be shoot at and nothing else has gone. please help as soon as we get a point of interacting with other players we have to rebuild. its very disheartening cheers in advance

some playfields will be surface wiped of course. That is the least we can do instead of a full wipe

it was stated in the 5.1 announcement, have to create a backup base in space or in a safer destination next time :wink:

Ive had people shoot out base cores at bedrock by glitching artillery turrets thru terrain. Look for signs of aoe damage.

there isnt any the core was on bedrock

If it was not encased at all they can even glitch a sniper rifle thru terrain and kill it I encase all mine in combat blocks and then a shell of concrete blocks all the way around (even under) so they cant easily see where the core is with free camera

surface wipe is not equal to base core disappearing. It just regenerates the terrain.

When did it happen? What base ? Name/ID?

after update but we logged back in and it was there it was next day that it had dissappeared
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Thanks, but still dont know which base.
I see one on Neptune so i gues you missed it. Otherwise please give more details.

Sorry we had one whoch disappeared near imt basee which was under ground prior to upgrade.

Then we had one across the water in the side of the mountain which now has a second core .

But the first core was in a room buried in the ground and secured with fuel tanks geneaters and a cargo box
But only the core had gone nothing else had been disturbed. And no signs of entry or cannon fire and nothing in the log

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