Base Defense Question

I’m a Trader on a Trader on a Trader planet. Is it possible to set my turrets to not blast other traders, just other Origins?

Since the alliances change I would think its only via allying with all other trader origin factions that you can avoid this.

My turrets went wild against my fellow guardians following the change. Fortunately, no lasting damage was done. Manually securing alliances is proving difficult though (shouldn’t be as we are all guardians).

If I were you, I’d make a habit of sending an alliance request to all origin members that aren’t allied and those that it makes sense to (based on role) and respond to requests in the same interface, when logging on. It’s sucks that all of them had to be reset; but, some people were abusing it. Just going to have to treat all PvP zones as old PvP for a little while.

Yeah it’s easy, just inactivate your turret group from your ship’s control panel. You can turn them back on when you feel legitimately threatened.

lol I think tarkus has been made aware of the importance of allying. AS long as you are legitimately trying to ally with other traders every chance you get, you are gonna be fine. There is a setting on each turret to choose to not shoot at other factions at all, and since you are on trader planet, that means no shooting at traders.

So only traders can go to Neptune? Not Pirates? If not, then why even have turrets? On a related note, something or someone just shot me down on Neptune. Nothing in logs yet. Don’t think there’s any active alien poi’s there.

The first pvp planet out of the starters is restricted to your origin. At that point, yo uare right. Turrets are mostly just for keeping predators at bay, and pissing off other traders.

Well someone from TNT name Walloud90 is firing at and damaging my base. He is allied and according to Intruder Stats, he is the only one thats been close. If it happens again, I will pay him a visit.

Tarkus he was there next to us when we wiped you base that was shooting down other traders. That may be the thing you are seeing. But if he is allied, he cannot damage your base. Not to mention intruder logs do not show attacks. just people within 250 m or so.

So is there a way to find out who attacked and should I turn on my turrets even to other factions? Then only those who are not allied will be shot on sight.

yes as long as you are allied your turrets cannot damage them. Buuuut if they fly over in a private ship as an ally, your turrets will still shoot. So ya kinda gotta take your chances there that you might lose ammo for no good reason til they fix that bug.

Well, I’ll load up then. Just don’t destroy me again if non allied Traders complain.

Dude you are allied now. You are fine. Quite the opposite in fact. If a trader shows up that refuses to ally and sticks around long enough for us to get there, we will do what we can to take em out.

Just keep up the alliance requests to traders and guardians.