Base explodes

I spawned a base off of my blue prints and set it up on planet Ornate, at Pos=3600/95/-700. The baser ID is 12866035. After adding 5 wooden blocks to help support it, a big explosion happened (like when you leave a piece that’s not supported and it pops) and sent the base to pieces.

Please advise and help me recover my resources!

Warm regards,


Hey DK249,

this happens if Structural Integrity (SI) triggers. Since we can’t really restore bases in such a populated place there is not much we can do.

Please make sure to press and hold N and respect the SI next time.


I completely understand. Is it at all possible to get some rss to minimize the loss? if not again its not a big deal but I thought id ask.

Thanks in advance !

For such a case we asking about a screenshot of some of the content of it.

We had bad experience month ago where this was abused.

Absolutly, and the rest of the base (about 20 blocks that survived the explosion ) is still where I deployed it.