Base has been built where i died on a pvp planet

last night i got killed on goldworld. no big deal, tried a few times to log in, but a cv was killing me instantly thatw as nearby, so i thought i would just leave it until today.

When i log in now, a base has been built nearby, which means i cant even move, i am dead before my screen loads up.

Can anything be done to help me off there?

The funny part is that this happened to someone who got “Gravedigger” as nickname…seems that someone built a grave for you this time! :smile:

let me know where this base is, I will destroy it so you can get out.

haha not the first time, wont be the last :smiley:
incidentally, ive used that name in games since 1999 :wink:

Gold Federation ow-780 h36 n/s-231 is co ords, on gold federation, if you could, thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah the pirate population on goldworld loves to park mobile minigun-CV’s on ppl’s backpack they just killed, so they get spawnraped and unable to spawn again on the planet.

out of curiosity, if you decide to restart on mars in that situation, i assume you lose your base and everything else to?

ok, I swung by there with my CV, assuming I got the coordinates right the area is clear so you should be good to spawn back next time you are on.

If you choose to respawn back on mars everything will stay. However, if you are in a faction you will no longer be in that faction and thus any CV/BA/HV/SV that is assigned to that faction you will no longer have access to until you rejoin the faction.

cool thanks, ill log on right now, and see.
those were the co ords hws connect says im at, if im reading it correctly lol

im out, thank you very much :slight_smile:

no problem, word of advice. When something like this happens try to get a video recording of it as this would be considered a form of griefing and would be dealt with by the admins. For video recording I use OBS, it is totally free and works great. I have a hotkey for F9 to start recording and F10 to stop.

ahh i see, didnt know it was considered griefing, was just trying to figure a way out haha,

thanks though, i will do that :slight_smile:

yeah. I record at all times honestly, then ever so often just purge the video files to safe on disk space. That way if anything happens I have it and if anybody is accusing me of something I can prove what I was doing at the time.

Looks like this one wsa solved without the need for our intervention :wink: