Base is Blocking my Autominer

Hello! Someone blocked my autominers on Garriel planet - he build base over the deposite! My ship is near it base now. ID of my ship is 14473001 name PATRUL62

What…exactly do you mean??

I mean if you have free time you can easy find my ship by id - come and look at this base.!

I want to have access to my AM. The construction of the base on the deposits is prohibited

Ah. Ok. I tweaked your title a bit, maybe that’ll help

Can you give me the id of the base and a screenshot of the base over the deposit?
ID you get by entering di into console and get close to the base.

To make it clear here:
Gabriel is a rotation system, yes… you could kill unwanted visitors on weekend if Gabriel is PvP, yes.

But to grief people 5 days with intention is a no-go!

Did I mention that I love the destroy command?