Base on Karmalon taken

I setup a second base on Karmalon because my first was meant to be for the vendor I was setting up. Before I got a chance to change faction on first base, second base was taken and made HWS. First base has been factioned, can I get the second base returned to private?

Just in general: faction or private does not matter for rule 4. You can’t circumstance the rule by private stuff. Many don’t know it so I am saying it here again.
About your base I need more information and look into it after work

Well the second base was just taken because I put it to Faction and apparently my faction already had too many PvE bases. Both of them are on Karmalon. Both are now HWS bases and they are right next to each other in a small harbor. One was going to be the vendor base for my vendor. The second was going to be my personal base. The tower with the gold was intended to be the vendor base. The other one was going to be personal, but I now have a lot of resources in both that I need to try and get back.

My Oasis CV is on the top of the base that I intend to keep as private.

changed it but you need to hurry if you are ingame.
We can’t lift restrictions for certain players. All are the same for everyone so since LHI is a very big faction you will have problems with this rule 4.1:

  • maximum of 2 BAs on PvE everywhere

We have to wait for jascha for the other custom planet restriction solution