Base self destructed

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**What happened: my base just self destructed
Player(s) with issue: steelghost55
Playfield: Write here freelancer hq
Structure Name(s): relentless starter base
Structure ID(s): 9113711
How can we help you now: so i placed a atm in my base and it just self destructed itself and now i lost everything and stuck with no tools or base on freelancerhq anyway i can get it reset or atleast get some tools cause me and my clan mates are a here

Hi there.

It’s a thing called “structural integrity”.

If you spawn a BA , for example, and it’s not structurally sound, ANY adds or mods to that BA could make it all fall down. In some cases even manually built bases can be aT the edge of an sI meltdown.

In your case? The ATM was the straw that broke the camels back. Literally.

Press N when building and turn on sI to see how close the building is to crashing. Red = bad, Green = good.

Sorry for your loss! Not much we can do for this, typically.

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thats the thing though i dont understand i know about structure integrity but when its green on the building and then its deletes itself what does that mean cause thats crap

cause green is fine
and red when it will fall apart

Dark green is on the verge of being an issue. I usually fill in dark green so my bases never go orange or red.

but still thats the thing i dont understand cause i tested the base before i built it on this server in singleplayer and set it and checked it both on sp and the server and it was green in the area where i placed it but some reason when i place a atm i lose everything and it wasnt dark green it was a light green and it didnt just drop the one part it dropped the entire base

If you’d like to send me the BP in a PM a I can look; however a restore would be at Rex’s discretion if there’s no server issue at play.

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