Base size limits not properly applied on Donator playfield

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What happened: Spawned a class 7 and started adding. was taken by HWS
Player(s) with issue: FuzzyWeasel
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 6/3/18 late afternoon NA time
Playfield: Issa Planet
Structure Name(s): FuzzyTramBase
Structure ID(s): 32808998
How can we help you now:

Read the rules for donator planets before placing and upgrading. Asked an admin as well. Thought I was good.

“Class limit for ships is 7, but there is no limit for Bases. The maximum size for a spawned base is Class 7. It can be enlarged beyond Class 7 after it is spawned.”

I started getting HWS alert and brought the size back down until it was green text and alerts stopped and I logged out. When I logged in again I was on final warning. I didn’t get it down before it was taken. I was loaned the money and spent 6mil + RP to buy it back and tear it down to a low 7.

If this was a bug and I should have been able to build up as I was doing I’d like the 6mil + RP back. I’d also like to have that class limit set to what it should be. Would like to add the lights to the other grow plots :slight_smile:

Nothing other than that. Thanks.

Hey @Fuzzy_Weasel

at the beginning it was kind of a request. Later I set it automatically.
This time I forgot, sry.

I fixed it now and refunded the 6202493 credits and 8 RP.

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