Base spawned too close

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What happened: Returned to my base and couldn’t build anymore because someone else built their base too near.
Player(s) with issue: Guimas
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 27 03:24
Playfield: Homeworld homeworld
Structure Name(s): Tower and JoJo Defense
Structure ID(s): 16440512
How can we help you now: Is this normal?

It’s homeworld Blow them up.

Androniko,thanks for the suggestion, who would have thought of that! I’ll build some turrets, or spawn a vehicle so I’ll blow them up. If only I wasn’t in anti-grief distance in my own base, that was here before the other spawned.

My question was if this is normal gameplay in PvP. Couldn’t he just hunt me down with his CV and his HV, or blow my base like a pirate. What is the point of camping his Base on top of mine and prevent me from playing?

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