Base vanished over night?


We reset our characters last night and started up on the freelancer planet, started to build a base finishing off the early hours this morn, a friend logged on this afternoon to find everything gone and there’s nothing in our hws connect either to give id numbers, player names skyline, grotsmug & gideon.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you have an active turret with ammo up? There are alien drones on the planets in Empyrion. PVE does not mean Safe.

No nothing at all just a basic base with 4 walls etc so we could start getting materials together.

Can you name the server. Ho large was your base? If it had <10 devices the game deletes it on its own.

It was HWS EU and base was at least 50 devices.

ok i will check it in a minute


Sorry, your base got destroyed by a drone.
If you want to catch the drone, here are the infos:

22772349: Your base
22839318: drone

02.10.2017 09:49:49.809 CoreRemoved 22772349 22839318 -1
02.10.2017 16:15:41.503 Entity: id=22839318 type=Unknown playfield=Freelancer Planet pos=2919,062/115,1724/658,8859 (current position)

thanks for the info, but why would a drone attack a base thats not armed etc?


Need Moar drones.