Best Faction to Join - EU Server

Hi all,

There isnt a huge amount of info. on the differing aspects of the various factions. I’m looking to join up but cant decide which one. Essentially, i’d like to take part in ops/raids/whatever term you guys use but i’d also like to have a non-wiped PVE area (or safe faction PVP area) to keep my main CV and items (those not in L5 OCD).

If anyone is recruiting please get in touch.

it all depends on what kind of faction you want to join i.e.
alliance hunter piret ect
PKA have nr all the things you are lookign for as long as you go by our planet rules which is mostly common sence and respect for others
but we do want our members to join our discord server as we have one of our own.
you are welcome to ask for zappie or gareth from PKA the next time you are on line if you want to go alliance

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for replying. I’ve spoken with Gareth a few times on global. Presumably its the same person or the welsh connection is mere coincidence. I’ll log on when I get home from work and family are dispatched to their comfy beds.

yea im gareths other 1/2. and pka’s only female member :0(