Best PVE Server for Main character EU or NA?

Hello All,

Basic Motivation:

I have been playing Empyrean on the official US and EU servers for a few months now. I came across HWS when looking up Orbital Auto miner usage and have since been pretty impressed by the features especially the skill tree perks. From what I understand only one of the server characters benefits by a given perk level so I want to pick which character will be my main.

Question at hand:

Which of the two available servers (EU or NA) currently has better options and community for PVE play, (missions, POI, and a few main bases)?

CountWillas PVE Freelancer

You can cross-server warp your character between servers. You keep everything in your backpack, your ship, and anything attached to it. The only thing you don’t keep is your armor which is server specific (unless you put it in a box before cross server warping).

So, you can freely go between servers as you please with the same character.

You’re right about only one server receiving the perks, though if you make a character on both you can do the daily loot (which gives you skill points) on both servers (unless that changed)

Both servers are pretty much the same. Only difference in PvE is the players/community.
Maybe just choose the server with best ping.

Yep, the servers are basically twins in different parts of the world. Choose whichever one you are closer to and have a better connection to. The rest will basically be the same.