Betrayed by faction member?

Hi Admin, I am Vlad in game, have a faction with couple of my friends (called [DEZ] from “Dezastru”. Can you please check the activity of “Anonymous”? It was one of the faction members. Cause I left into space for 1 hour, from Trader planet, just for mining Sathium, when I got back I had no base left, it was destroyed together with all the resources, HV mining also dissapeared, only have half of a SV that has the core and others destroyed.

I was planning to leave the trader planet tomorrow but I lost so many things …oxigen, fuel cells, materials, plants.

I kicked him out right away, because the other faction members were online on discord with me, talking.

Can you help me please recovering my stuff please? I do not have time to start again.
I had somewhere around 50 steel pots, 50 oxigen packs, 300 fusion cells, 600 big fuel packs and at least a couple thousands (7-8000) of each cobalt / iron / cooper / silicon. I could use also my Laser mining HV and my starter base (had a furnace, advanced generator) . These are the most important among the things lost… :frowning:

Are you absolutely sure they weren’t destroyed by a drone?

Well, I’m on a PVE starter planet (Trader) so could not have been a drone.

Last time I was on trader starter it had a drone base and drones.

What exactly makes you think it couldn’t have been a drone?

I know it has some NPC bases but you don’t get attacked if you do not engaje fire first. There are no drones that patrol the planet and attack random buildings. Also, right near my base there are other players too with ships, bases etc. I’m the only one that’s homeless.

incase your not sure you could also check your intruder logs and see who was around your base at that time.

It was definelty Anonymous.
He destroyed the base and the other things.
He turned Guilty now.

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So can somebody frrom the staff help me get my stuff back? It wasn’t much but for a starter its quite something.

I’d give you the equivalent of the resources back, but sadly i can’t reach you on trader starter :frowning:

its OK Fulgrim, tnx

I just don’t understand why someone would go out their way to do that to newbies. He should be banned imo.

As stated by the guide it is your responsibility to trust people before you let them in.

However this was pure griefing why I Banned him

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