Big chunk of ship disappeared

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: Warped from ECC to Peacekeepers East and was missing a big chunk of my ship.
TIME (cb:time): 6 pm CST
PLAYFIELD: Peacekeepers East
STRUCTURE ID(S): 1753734

When I warped into peacekeepers east I got a message saying I lost power, emergency engine stop etc. Then I disconnected. When i logged back in a big cube of the ship was gone including the ships core and half my storage area.

After taking a look at the rest of the ship I found an OP module that I didnt realize was on the ship. I was using a workshop blueprint and it wasnt listed in the devices list on the ship. So I unknowingly added a 2nd one. I mention this because the center of the missing chunk of my ship is where the 2nd OP module was placed. Could be part of the problem or maybe not. It doesnt say you can only have 1 but it also doesnt say you have one installed when you place it either.


thanks for the report!
Yeah, Offline Protection is not in your Control Panel, since it has no special state to be wort to show to the player.

Maybe the second one caused this, not sure.

How exactly can we help you here?

Are you able to respawn the ship from a previous intact version? If not are you able to at least give me back some of my lost cargo. I think I had 17 miner cores, a few stacks of fuel and refined pentaxid. The rest I can replace later.

It also looks like I lost about 8 stacks of pentaxid ore from the marketplaces pending tab. I didnt think there was a time limit to pick up items purchased so I was busy getting my ship to a flyable state before I went back to pick up my market purchases.

There is a time limit of 30 minutes and nothing we can do about that at the moment. We only have full control of our self programmed HWS Marketplace.

I restored your ship from the ECC Space backup and placed it to your position.
Let me know if it’s done

Ships back to normal. Thanks for the help. I also removed the 2nd OP just in case.

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