Big mistake made - Resolved

Well Im here curious about another mistake I made as a new player…but this one its pretty expensive!!

So I join on a faction and it have been very funnny to play with friends… Them I moved to their base at Trader planet and saw that the taxes it will be 10k each day. I say fine this is good…

Today I log and I have my 45k gone from bank same as I must pay 502.000 to taxes…I made the mistake as noob and never set the ship from private to faction.

What happens now? Do I lose my ship? Go to jail? CR go negative?
It will be a long way to pay that but im working on it, just need to know what will happend now

PH: If I purchase the donation CR option do I get them now or only at the next wipe?.. I need to fix this Im stuck about CR now with no short way to get out or fix it up…
Sorry about my english.

For any reason it turns back to the normal amount 11k a day.

Thank you


is this resolved by now as the title says?

No, it means that the credits you earned till the HWS 4.0 season will stay for HWS 5.0. Otherwise everything you have above 250k will be gone.

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Yes I edited the tittle because hours later was back to normal. Thanks to stop and check this post

And great Im gonna donate to help the server :airplane: