Big Patch 1.4 + EAC + Ingame EC

Hey guys,

the big day! We updated to Patch 1.4 immedeatley with the EAC option enabled. After some hotfixes from the devs we got the server running with EAC and this awesome shield icon :smiley: We donโ€™t need EAC, cause our tool auto ban people since months but this icon โ€ฆ !!! :slight_smile:

So to play on our server go to SETTINGS > MISC > ACTIVATE EAC > RESTART THE GAME (install EAC)

So first please read the patch notes! Escpecially the bug fix section! :slight_smile: No missing ships now I hope!

Other than that you have your EC count now ingame! At the very bottom left under โ€œHelmet: Onโ€ box. Thanks to the devs! :slight_smile:
This makes HWS even more unique and we hope you enjoy playing here.

Jascha & RexXxuS