Black Hole Issues Cannot warp / P menu not working , cant get to my ship as its 10k away

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Stuck in Black Hole. P menu is delayed 60++ seconds and cannot warp out or do much of anything right now. Went to warp out and now my ship is 10km away from me and there is black hole wipe soon , server has reset and wiped my ship as i couldnt get to it or even do a destroy me to respawn in the med bay
Player(s) with issue: PFC J.Hammer
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 5:03 pm est
**Structure Name(s):**Grand Tie/30m
**Structure ID(s):**25439477
**How can we help you now:**Would like my ship back and all its contents to be teleported to dantione my pad . doesnt matter which one just place it above one of them

it has now dissappeared of my structure commander


Sorry for the trouble. Devs will look into that mess.


ummm @Jascha its red for me

and its another faction and all beat up would like it restored pls and thank you

it was beat up due to a massive battle you took part in. it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else who was in that battle for you to have a fully restored ship. getting back due to the server lag is totally fine, and I would hope the others that lost their ships due to that lag to get theirs too, however repairing it to prebattle is unfair.


you werent even there and i have video as well so stay out of something that doesnt involve you

Sorry but thats true. Did not notice it was OPG instead of OP4.
I deleted the enemy ship again.
I can only restore the ships right before the wipe. Otherwise it will be unfair to all.

@Jascha am uploading the video and will send it to you

we taken the ship

yes do to the bh lag etc sooo? and the server broke and put me 10 k away from it

Just seeing it again… man why do you have so similar tags. I thought that was a double claim. Thanks for the info.

so can i get it back in the condition it was in when the dcing and the server broke

2nd: All had lags: there were exceptions in the logs. And many even made it out of Blackhole before.
I can’t restore the ships to the state before. Just not working. I will restore ships lost through the wipe, but with the statte of the wipw, not hours before. Sorry

I understand the situation is bad, but thats the only way to make it half way even for all.

it wasnt hours before
it was 20 mins and i was put 10 k away from it

you will see in the video

You was put 10km from it because we destreoyed the core and recored. That is an OPG ship now


I would just accept your loss and be grateful jascha is doing anything at all. just use your repair pad and call it done.

that makes no sense at all lmao